Cultural Audits / Needs Assessments

Determine Organizational Strengths and Challenges
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An in-depth assessment of your organization’s strengths and challenges related to DEI & Talent Management is a critical first step in designing a robust DEI program.

A Cultural Audit / Needs Assessment can identify critical areas on which to focus initial efforts and provide a baseline to measure the effectiveness of interventions. The audit:

  • allows for identification of baselines against which to measure progress
  • identifies challenges and opportunities to focus efforts to insure cost effectiveness
  • enables leaders and managers to set needed goals and metrics
  • enables SBSI to “fine-tune” the content of any process or workshop design

Many organizations use periodic audits — first to provide initial baselines, and then at intervals during the Diversity and Inclusion initiative — to quantify the impact of the effort.

SBSI works with your organization to customize a strategic data-gathering process that reflects your culture and structure.  This analysis provides a framework for developing a workable, effective action plan.

A Cultural Audit / Needs Assessment consists of gathering data from a variety of sources, using methodologies relevant to your organization’s culture, structure, and population. Focus groups, surveys, individual interviews, reviews of policies and procedures, and other techniques are used to identify areas of concern. SBSI works with your organization to design the most effective process to meet your needs.


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