Strategic Planning

Creating a Lasting and Cohesive Process

“Our leadership team crafted our DEI strategy. Now, they are completely involved and support the entire effort.”

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Purpose: A well designed strategic plan is an essential best practice as your organization undertakes its DEI process. Many organizations participate in a variety of DEI activities, however, without a strategy, these activities seem to stand alone. And, they yield little and serve no cohesive purpose. A DEI  strategic plan will inform you if these activities truly benefit the organization.

Our strategic planning process designed to:


  • Engage the executive leadership team
  • Align the Diversity and Inclusion process to the organization’s business goals
  • Define Diversity and Inclusion for the organization
  • Define key Diversity & Inclusion objectives
  • Develop a process to involve organizational units
  • Create a framework for implementation throughout the organization
  • Create accountability throughout the organization
  • Obtain the support and consultation of Human Resources
  • Develop a process to measure progress and realign as necessary

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