Like any
other important business initiative, your D&I program needs constant
evaluation, review and updating. Too often, though, it sits on a shelf, and
isn’t consulted until the company faces employee complaints, or maybe even

Does your
company have a functioning D&I program? Here is just a sampling of the
types of questions Human Resources staff should be asking themselves:

1. Do you
understand the business rationale for diversity as it relates to your company
and your industry? Can you articulate the extent to which a diverse workforce
could help your company overcome some of its competitive challenges?

2. Do you
belong to professional groups that promote and advocate for diversity and

3. Do you
recognize the intangible benefits of a successful D&I program?

4. Are you
up to date on the latest thinking in the diversity and inclusion field?

5. Does
your HR department have a diverse staff? Do your recruitment and hiring
practices promote staff diversity?

6. Can you
identify who’s responsible for driving diversity results? When it comes to
D&I, does “accountability” have true meaning in your organization?

7. Have
your business units been surveyed recently to ascertain their diversity
understanding, efforts, and results?

8. Is
diversity training provided? On a regular basis? In small groups? For
individuals? Online? Is staff at all levels expected to attend, and is this
part of their evaluations?

9. Is
coaching available to employees who have difficulty treating co-workers fairly
and without bias, or are problems left to fester until the victims leave or
file lawsuits?

10. Do you
promote and encourage the formation of affinity groups, and do you regularly
check in with them to gain the benefit of their ideas?

11. How
strong is your minority supplier program? Has their participation increased
year over year? Is information about your business needs readily accessible to

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